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“Tremendous. Both powerful and entertaining.”

Escape is a transformative autobiographical monologue covering aspects of my life-journey, including overcoming domestic violence and substance-abuse, and the personal growth following my escape from these crises. I have performed Escape at Cafe 939, Right Turn!, Center for Creative Recovery, and in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness week at Chelsea City Hall for an audience of 100+, including Massachusetts State Senators, police officers, and other survivors of domestic violence. 

The show originated in a class I took at Berklee College of Music with Ana Guigui, who has continued on as the director, creative mentor and guide for the show. The creation of this One-Person Show has been one of the most pivotal experiences of my musical journey; a fundamentally empowering moment of my life. The work leading up to this creative performance has developed my capacity for vulnerability and authenticity in astounding and exhilarating ways. It has shown me the true power of creativity, through music and writing, and its potential to heal deep emotional wounds.

Escape has a 60-minute runtime and features original poetry, music and writing. All stories and persons depicted in the show are real.

ESCAPE - The 15 Minute Version

ESCAPE - The 15 Minute Version

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“[Elle is] an incredible talent and [her] message through music, humor and method acting could serve as a phenomenal platform to reach young high school and college students and serve as an inspiration and beacon of light for those that are struggling with similar issues involving domestic violence.” – Chief Brian Kyes, Chelsea PD

“Elle's performance, poetry, music and voice captivated the audience and provided an opportunity to understand the dynamics and impacts of abuse.”

"Tremendous. Both powerful and entertaining." - Tom Ambrosino, City Manager, Chelsea, MA

“’Escape’ is a powerful first-hand account of the complex nature of domestic violence and the journey to freedom & healing. It’s an amazing performance that is very important and timely given the current social we hoped, her play stimulated much needed reflection, learning and conversation about gender-based violence. Many audience members have invited Lyzz to perform for their communities, so the impact of her courage, wisdom and insight will continue to ripple out!” – Nancy Slamet, Family Engagement Manger, HarborCOV

“What Elle has accomplished, having heard what she had gone through and dealt with her entire life, is truly remarkable. Elle is one of the strongest women I know. Her ability to tell her story openly and effectively is a huge testament to how much she has grown.  Her story illuminates so much of the misunderstood and under-represented reality of abuse and addiction that so many people face and yet have no way of knowing how to get help or how to escape.”

”[Her] story inspired so many people including survivors who were present in the audience.  [She] gave a strong message to the public that domestic violence is a public health issue and it effects everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and/or religion.” – Korou Pich, Co-executive Director, HarborCOV

“I saw Elle Zee perform her one-woman show in the Chelsea City Hall in the meeting room for the City Council. Present were state representatives, City Councillors, members of the police force, school system personnel, many women and a few men from the community at large. It was a diverse audience who took in a moving, gripping drama. Elle is an outstandingly candid playwright, talented musician, and consummate actress who tells her story with truth and power.”

"The play, 'Escape' by Elle Zee, not only conveys a subtle understanding of the complexities of domestic violence, but it is also a beautiful and moving work of art. Rather than taking a didactic approach that is frequently used when dealing with social issues, this play offers profound insights without being in the least contrived. This dramatic work would a remarkable achievement for even an accomplished playwright; it is all the more impressive that it is the creation of a student at the beginning of her artistic journey."  -- Yoko Harumi, Coordinator/Victim Resource Center, Cambridge Health Alliance

“Something deep and powerful happened in that room. There is a star arising and a message to be heard. I unequivocally urge anyone who has an opportunity to see her performance to seize the opportunity. You’ll feel what I mean.”

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