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Festive Gratitude Post

Hello my loyal constituents!

For this month's blog, I'd like to tell you all what I'm grateful for. Cliché, perhaps, but still an important practice for anyone wishing to cultivate a positive mindset and create a wholesome life they can savor, in my humble opinion.

As I reflect on my musical journey, and enter my last semester as an undergraduate at Berklee, I recognize much growth. Here are five of the things I would like to commemorate in this post - not necessarily my top five, but a great five:

1. This year I released my first single, A Little Bit More, on streaming platforms worldwide. I've watched many of my peers do the same throughout my last few years at Berklee and until this past August it seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream to me, something I was never "quite good enough" to do. I am grateful for the confidence and willingness I garnered in order to make this release possible.

2. I applied to Lesley's Master's of Licensed Mental Health Counseling: Music Therapy program. As I continued developing my songwriting craft, it became ever-clearer to me that the therapeutic nature of songwriting is always what kept me bonded to it. This drew me closer to my ultimate purpose-driven vision to create a songwriting-centric music therapy practice. I look forward to forging my way down this rewarding path in the years to come.

3. My music students continue to teach me about myself, communication, openness, presence, and the power of music to bring joy to others. I am grateful for their faith and trust in me to teach them, and for my faith and trust in myself to do so.

4. Over the summer I launched a Wellness Podcast for the Berklee Community. I have had the chance to interview many students, staff, and faculty members, on a variety of wellness topics as they relate to musicians and the greater community. I am grateful to have the support of my Berklee community behind my passion to create a nourished world full of song.

5. My time in Spain was spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, the most challenging experience I've faced in some time. It is here that I learned the value of allowing pain to be a learning experience, flexibility of identity, letting passion lead purpose, and, most relevantly, gratitude.

I am grateful for you all for reading this. I hope you can take time to reflect on what brings you joy today.

AND! A bonus gratitude point....

I am grateful for the opportunity to perform at this fundraiser on December 12. Tickets are $15 - proceeds go to the Flutie Foundation for Autism. Hope to see you there!


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