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On Gratitude

Ok yes I am going to be that person who posts about Gratitude on Thanksgiving. Normally being this predictable makes me want to puke but I truly believe gratitude to be of importance, particularly this year.

Last November I made a vow to post on the last Thursday of every month and I have done that for one entire year. I am grateful to have followed through on my commitment to you, whoever might be continuing to pay attention to me. I am also grateful for you.

This year has been rough, particularly for musicians. I'm grateful to have been able to grow my studio during the pandemic and help people connect to the love of music, something we can still share even when there is so much distance between us. I've made true connections with many new students this year and you have helped me through this pandemic more than you realize.

I am grateful to live somewhere conducive to teaching from home, a community that values the health and safety of its citizens.

I am grateful to have started my journey toward a career in music therapy and to have expanded my mind in terms of interpersonal approach, empathy, and understanding. It's served me as a musician, music teacher, and a human being.

I recognize gratitude may feel hard right now, especially when circumstances are far from ideal, the future is uncertain, and you may be separated from things that held meaning for you in the past. I recognize this is not historically a day of festivity for all, but may be one of mourning. May you get all you need to move through this day as peacefully as possible and care for yourself, whatever that may mean for you. If that includes gratitude, I hope you stay grateful. If it doesn't, I hope you honor yourself always.

Thank you.

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