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  • Elle Zee

On Music

I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and well amidst the abrupt chaos that is becoming our reality.

To my students, I am given another reason to be so grateful for you. During this time when everything is questionable, stress is high, and hysteria is rampant, the joy of being a music teacher is wholly depend. To spend time spreading the joy of music where joy seems to be in limited supply is a true gift. This is what I am hoping to share with you in the coming weeks - keep practicing, keep playing, keep sharing your joy - it is one thing that will help us through all of this.

Concerts have been cancelled. Bars and restaurants are closing. Social distancing is our best practice right now. While our communities are less available, let music, or whatever it is that brings you joy and relief, be your connection. There is abundant research on the ability of music to heal, reduce stress, improve mood, reduce burnout, and boost quality of life. Now may be a good time to conduct an experiment for yourself.

Wishing you all the best.


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