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  • Elle Zee

On Timing

I teach a lot of adults who have either never played an instrument or played as children, gave up, and came back to music. I am in constant admiration of the bravery and determination of these students because I know how difficult it can be to renew lost faith in yourself, especially as years of life experience pile on instances of self-doubt, bias, and misconception. Time is often the largest hurdle we must overcome.

I wrote a song once with the line:

No matter how much time I have,

It's not enough

Or it's too much

I'm always left forgetting something

Or I'm left with me

Humans have this interesting relative experience with time. It's the passing of moments, but the meaning ascribed to those moments has everything to do with how long or short they feel. Things can seem to happen all at once but really they've been years in the making. At once you make the decision to pursue a dream, musical or otherwise, and there you are, yet there was some combination of experiences you've had that led you to that moment.

And then there are times where we labor over a decision and it seems like forever passes before we come to a conclusion, if we ever do. And the longer we wait, the more we use "it's too late, I'm too old, too much time has passed" as an excuse. Yet we forget all the moments that have passed in between then and now that could make now the perfect moment for whatever it is you're tuning in to.

A story can happen in a song in 3-5 minutes that can take a lifetime in our reality. The song world shows us our relative stance, the life and death of an idea, a journey, an emotion. Magic.

I've heard it said that we enjoy music because it is a prescription of time measured and doled out to us in a predictable way. When the beat changes, we know, and we adapt - we move intuitively to music even if we say we can't dance. Tapping your finger, nodding your head, your heart rhythmically beating - it's all your body's connection to the timing of the music and the Universe.

Music in all different meters, tempos, moods, is all thought beautiful by somebody. It all has its own merit, its own time. Slow music for relaxation, fast music for running, or maybe the reverse. Why judge your timing? This, too, has its own merit.

Whatever you've been waiting for, when you get there, the timing will be as perfect as music doling out the feelings and the journey. As in music, it resolves. Tension and release. Rising and falling. Harmony and discord.

Such is music. Such is life.

Have a great month,


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