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Updates: Homecoming

Well, I finished my semester abroad in Spain and I am happy to say I am back in Boston. Just wanted to leave you with a few updates this May.

1. We successfully finished our project with AFAV. Their song is currently being mixed and mastered. You can see all the projects my fellow Berklee students and I did in Spain this semester in this video (worth the ten minutes, even if you don't speak Spanish):

2. This summer I will be working for Berklee Health & Wellness, taking summer classes, and getting some significant work done on my EP, The Anatomy of Heartbreak (working title). Look out for updates this summer.

3. If anyone is interested in voice, piano, guitar, or ukulele lessons, I will be offering a highly discounted rate this summer in return for reviews. Help me build my teaching practice!

As always, subscribe here, and contact me here. Send job leads, lesson inquiries, money, love, life advice (all is much needed and appreciated with great return).


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