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  • Elle Zee

You're Invited to Join Me at Club Escape!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be one of the featured performers at Club Escape on May 9th at 8PM Eastern Time! With over 10 acts to choose from and 2 hours of live entertainment, Club Escape is a virtual night club designed to give you an exciting escape while also donating to a good cause. 

For just $20 you can help entertainers like me as well as help put an end to domestic violence. If you’d prefer, you can buy a 10-pack to give to all of your favorite people, saving $50 in the process.

So come join me, along with a dozen other performers for a fun-filled night of pure entertainment. Just go to to get your tickets now!

Note: This event is kid-friendly overall - any acts for an 18+ crowd will be marked that way.

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