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I started taking Zoom lessons with Elle as I really wanted to start training my voice to be able to sing. I came to her with nothing but my willingness and she was able to get us on the right path. I appreciate the fact that Elle can adapt to whatever I want to learn. For example, she has very clearly given me contextually suitable exercises that help me improve the specific things I need to be able to sing what I want to sing. I also appreciate that I can ask questions and receive answers from her which evidently come from a place of experience. Overall I am really happy with my time with Elle. I trust her as an expert, and I feel like I'm making tangible progress in a relatively short amount of time. Most notably she has helped me develop confidence in my own voice and ears which gives me motivation to keep practicing to get better.

- Eduardo V.

Working with Elle has been really incredible. I initially wanted to take voice lessons because I love to sing and it was something I did as a child/teen and in quarantine, I found myself trying to get back to the things I love so I thought, WHY NOT!? Our lessons have transformed from technique work (which we still obviously do) into a more cathartic experience for me. She is an amazing vocal coach, but more than that, has a gift for being able to hold space for me to feel my emotions and connect it to the music. She doesn't shy away from that, which is beautiful and rare. These weekly lessons are something I really look forward to and feel they have helped me grow as an individual, more than just vocally. There is something truly healing about our sessions, which is something you cannot find everywhere. I would highly recommend working with her.

- Caitlin B.

Elle played the music for our outside, waterfront wedding in Maine. We were looking for something authentic and memorable - and Elle delivered that and more! She played the ukulele and sang, learning some specific songs that we requested for our wedding that were meaningful to us. The ukulele sound was perfect for the outdoor wedding - it was light and airy, and let her voice shine as well. The singing was beautiful - strong and flowed perfectly well with our outdoor setting. It was one of the highlights to hear her as we started walking down the hill. She also slipped back to the mic as we wrapped up our ceremony and started playing as we greeted guests. It was the perfect end to a beautiful ceremony. Thank you Elle for the special memories you provided!

- Emily H.

Elle is an amazing singer/musician and even better person! She played at a recent fundraising event I had for the Boston Marathon and completely energized the room. She came fully prepared and ready to rock a bunch of crowd-loved songs and holiday music since my event was in December. Her smile is contagious and her voice, absolutely stunning. I am so lucky to have had Elle there to support me!

- Giana P.

Elle was so kind and understanding for my wedding. She always replied to any of my questions. Waited a very long time for me to arrive even though the weather wasn't the greatest. Thank you again Elle, you are the best, I truly appreciate it.

- Caroline M.

Elle has been patient, kind, and dedicated in each lesson. She uses the time wisely and really listens to what the students goals are and structures the lessons based on that. As someone who has never played an instrument and with no background in music I was intimidated to learn how to play the keyboard and sing. But Elle has helped me become comfortable and goes at my learning pace. I’m so happy that I made the decision to learn and that Elle is my teacher.

- Kirsten B.

Elle is great. I am a slightly unusual student (older) and am currently taking the lessons remotely (through face time) but it has worked out great. Elle has several outstanding attributes: (1) she is extremely professional, always punctual and prepared; (2) she is very positive and engaged in every lesson; and (3) she seems very adaptable--she takes the time to figure out her students and adapts her approach (amount of theory, etc.) to the student. I highly recommend her.

- Ted B.

Elle taught my daughter Lailah, who is nine, piano. Elle is a fantastic teacher. I appreciated the way she tuned in to Lailah’s interests and started the lessons and the teaching from that perspective. Lailah had previous teachers who were more “by the book” and that didn’t work well for her. As a trained musician, Elle can clearly teach by the book when needed. but she’s so effective because of her ability to understand an individual’s interests and abilities and start the lessons there. Thank you Elle!

- Sasha C.

Finding myself with some extra time during quarantine, I decided to take up ukulele. I’m in my late 20s and have never played an instrument before, so I thought it’d be a rather difficult pursuit. Elle has managed to make the process both seemingly easy and incredibly fun! My 45 minute sessions have all been incredibly helpful and productive, usually going over basics and working on specific songs that I’ve gotten to choose. Elle has consistently been patient, instructive in a way that fits the way I learn best, and always available for questions. Most importantly to me, she’s taught me how to teach myself so that I can begin working on songs alone and go back to her for refinement, improvement, and issues when I get stuck. I would absolutely recommend taking lessons with Elle for for any age or skill level!

- Curt H.

My 9 year old daughter loved her beginner ukulele lesson with Elle and is looking forward to many more lessons with her!

- Kerry M.

I’ve had about 6 lessons with Elle so far. Having a blast learning. When I started I could barely play a chord and now I can read tabs and play parts of songs (slowly). She even translated old White Stripes songs into ukulele tabs for me!

- Alexis F.

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