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The voice is the only living instrument, and the oldest one still in existence. I have carried mine with me since birth and continue to develop a relationship with it, allowing it to be a window into my inner world. I find each voice unique and beautiful and firmly believe anyone can learn to sing, yet we often want to hide our voices out of fear. I teach using the principles of Somatic Voicework(TM), a body-based method of teaching reliant on voice science, healthy vocal technique, bodywork disciplines, and the fostering of a safe and exploratory relationship between teacher, student, and music.

Taking voice lesson with me would be great for you if:

  • You've always wanted to be able to sing well but didn't know how

  • You want to develop confidence in your own sound

  • You want to learn to sing without discomfort or strain

  • You want to expand your range and develop accurate pitch and rhythm

  • You want individual vocal exercises tailored to your voice

  • You want to add emotion and artistry to the songs you sing

  • You want discover your full range of vocal expression

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